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Sane IT the ‘Employees First Customer Second’ philosophy has empowered and enabled employees to create value for customers every single day. But what does value mean to Sane IT? And most importantly what does it mean to Sane IT customers. Real value is born out of innovation. Innovation that helps a customer to solve a clear business problem, or introduces a new way of doing business or gives birth to ideas that create competitive differentiation, are just some examples of transformation value.

Sane IT employees are at the heart of innovation. By channelizing the energies of 100 employees, and transferring the ownership of change to their hands, we see innovation happening at every corner of Sane IT. By giving them the right tools, and creating the right culture, Sane IT has enabled employees to collaborate, communicate and innovate freely across teams and across boundaries.


  • Trust Seal seller of projects on India-mart.
  • Continuing a rich tradition of quality assurance, Sane IT has achieved this.

Satisfying clients is our business. Through a consistent, disciplined and accountable delivery approach, Sane IT achieved an industry-leading track record of on time, on-budget projects. As results our average client satisfaction score for the past 2 year has measured consistently higher than 7 out of 10.


Looking vendors as franchise for Data Entry, Form Filling, Software Development & Call Center projects.




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